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Sermons are written to be heard rather than read. Much of their power is in their delivery. Wherever possible you should see the video rather than read the text. Best is to come to church any Sunday at 10 AM and experience our sermons live.



Independence Day, July 2, 2017  
Sunday before Advent, Nov. 2016  
Passion Sunday, 2019 Passion Sunday, 2019 (video)
Easter, 2009 Easter, 2009 (video)
Sexagesima Sunday, 2011  
Passion Sunday, 2011  
Pentecost Sunday, 2011  
Trinity Sunday, 2011 Trinity Sunday, 2011 (video)
Twelfth Sunday after Trinity, 2011  
  Funeral service for Jim Adlam, 2011 (video)
  Quinquagensima Sunday, 2016 (video)
Easter Sunday, 2016 Easter Sunday, 2016 (video)
Sanctity of Life Sunday, Jan., 2018  
Sunday after Ascension, May, 2018  
Second Sunday after Easter, 2020  
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity, 2022  
Christmas, December 25, 2022  


Last updated - December 25, 2022